free Powerpoint Template Rocket Themes

When you think of the colors or concepts that come to mind when you think of a rocket, you can definitely see the sky, clouds, and stars.

There may be a lot of things, but if I use sky blue wrong, that is, when I take it in a bright tone, I sometimes feel my eyes get tired.
So, in this case, I decided to use the RGB color of 106,121,154 as a background color that’s close to navy.

If you need to use this color for your assignment or work later on, it’ll just change your feeling right away. However, since we have designated a specific color, not a white color, it would be inconvenient to change the color of letters and other objects if we didn’t specify the fill color.

It’s convenient to use icons, but it’s hard to find them and convert them, so I’ve been enjoying making them.

Rocket, sky, launch, etc. If you make the concept very simple, you’ll think of clouds, and I think you’ll be familiar with the PowerPoint templates that I’ve made and introduced in the past. The reason why I use this often is because it’s very simple, but it makes the impression that it’s designed to make the slides look empty.
So in my case, I think it’s the first way to think of PowerPoint design with a similar theme as today.

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