Design of Ppt Cover with Gradient

I’m sure many of you are wondering if you can design PowerPoint covers beautifully using gradation.

I think it’s common for a lot of you to feel that fascination from simple things and pursue it.

Just by moving away from simple colors and treating them with rich colors with gradients, you can create a nice enough cover.

These are the forms that can be created in just a few seconds by accessing and filling in a background format, and the most important and difficult thing is selecting and processing specific colors, which is a prerequisite for getting a sense or information about them.

In order to alleviate some of the difficulties in that area, I wanted to give you the following RGB color information:

In other words, the upper left hand corner was designated as 101, 69 and 196 based on RGB.

Here’s one!! Most of the time, the same color is used for gradation.

It’s common to adjust brightness and transparency, but I wanted to use the same color, not the same color.

The lower left is a blue line, and it’s RGB 27, 127, and 238.

I filled the direction diagonally, and I wanted to give you the effect of falling from the top left to the bottom right, as I said before.

The overall sensitivity depends on the direction of gradation, so I’d like to say that it’s a great way to improve your sense of design.

It’s missing from capture, but if you go to this menu for the first time, there will be three gradation points. You can just take one out and work on it.

The rest are simple-minded people, and because they like icons, lines, boxes, prototypes and text, they also try to make use of the above elements rather than over-imaging themselves.

If you just write a letter like this, it’ll be nothing. But, because of the color of the background, you can say that it gives you a luxurious feeling. I hope many people can relate to it, too.

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you about here is that.

There’s a personal preference, and there’s a difference, but there’s a design that makes you feel cool in general.

You tend to think it’s something that’s colorful.

You make errors that you think are good to put in a lot of colors, lots of pictures, etc.

And I thought that because of the purpose of using the ppt, the design that simply enhances readability is better.

If you give up your greed, you’ll get a good result.

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