Paint Roller, Transparency Data PowerPoint Diagram Template Source

In my case, before I start designing a ppt, I think, “What are we going to make today?” I habitually visit places like flat icons to see them and shape my thoughts.

So, once we get to the conclusion that it’s going to be fun, we download it and convert it into wmf, and based on that, we design it through the process of melting the contents of the ppt.
When you want to create a ppt template or organize a specific page, you’re at a loss.

But you can think of the specificity of the object and the features it has, and then you can think of the way it is expressed, and the extension of the design. Today, I started with the paint roller icon and used the painted part of the roller as an area of data expression.

I think continuing to think will make a difference.
What color did you use with the roller?
Then it might end with coloring and finishing, but what value did I use to express?
Then can’t we put information on the visual role itself? I think I can think of that.
Through transparency designations, it makes the difference in the degree of thickness and blurring, and it contains information about the value.
If you think higher values should be darker, you can specify the rest of the difference in transparency on a percentage basis.
72% cotton transparency 28% so that a darker fill color is expressed.

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