soap, hand washing ppt infographic template

I get a lot of ideas of ppt design at home.

You’ll find out soon enough if you just look at the past data.

Today’s picture is of my sink and I don’t like sticky hands, so I wash my hands often. Yesterday, I saw this soap and soap stand.

Like I always have, when I look at these things, I’m like,

“Oh, if there’s a lot of large soap in a rack, it can be used for design as a cover or background?”

I came up with an idea.

It’s a really close idea, isn’t it? ^^

There are a lot of neighbors who leave comments about where to get ideas, but there’s nothing much like this.

I’m just looking at everything as a PPT concept, and in fact, if it’s a disease, it’s a disease.

I made a couple of PPTs every week, introduced them, and shared the original version, and the compulsion and pressure that I felt made me think that I should use them in my design.

If you choose a target, you can use the shapes and effects of PowerPoint to make it as it is.

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