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All the PowerPoint design materials I make are structured, right? If you’ve seen it for a long time, you’ve probably made it like that before you read it, and if you follow what I’m making, you’ll be able to make it with just about an example of seven tips, effects, and functions.

First of all, we decided to make it with just the shapes.

What we’re going to make is a three-dimensional square box.

But I’m going to tell you in advance, because there’s a cube in the basic shape, so you don’t have to look at it now, but the reason I did this today is because the cubes in that shape have a face and an angle, so there’s a limit to design diversity.

So I wanted to show you how to use three-dimensional rotation.

And of course, basically, you can make a shape, and that’s the source that’s based on it.

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