scale, obesity ppt infographic free template

The topic of today’s PowerPoint infographic design is just a cell phone, and I was inspired by what I’ve learned from this and that article, and I’m talking about obesity rates.

I think it’s natural to think of the expression “fat,” “fat,” “fat,” or “fat,” and I think about the bulging stomach, or the food, or the weight that I caught today.

I’m self-taught and practicing, so I don’t know what the answer is, but the basic thing is to actively use some of these things that are related to the topic and to incorporate the content into the characteristics that it has.

I think it’s basic.

In that sense, I thought the scale was the best way to show, express, and organize data about obesity in an infographic way.

I thought it was best to make it because it’s made of power points, and to make it simple and easy to design, because the shape itself is so simple.

Taking advantage of the original shape and function of the main theme, I think it’s the basic way to complete this PowerPoint infographic with easy-to-understand data.

That’s why I chose this concept for the first time to organize and express it.

It’s a very simple and simple page, but it’s more catchy and fun to use things related to the topic.

And I think we can figure out what it’s about.

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