3D ppt graph let’s express it like this

3D ppt graph let's express it like this
3D ppt graph let’s express it like this

Because my PowerPoint design style has a lot of illustration concepts, I look up and look around a lot of icons to get ideas and information about colors.

And there was a package I found a long time ago that I thought was a complete illustration rather than an icon.

Among the many materials, there was a material of a human icon pushing chess, and seeing this, I was reminded of the idea of ​​trying to design a PowerPoint with the concept of dominoes.

You can also use a slight gradient effect. This is because we are going to use 3D rotation.
First, I’m going to put a rectangle and make it into a domino shape, giving it a three-dimensional effect.

Go to the custom tab and select a color that is lighter than the background color previously specified through solid color fill.
Go to the shape format and select the same color as the background for the depth in the 3D format.
Even if you do not make any other adjustments, there will be a natural difference in the background and color because other effects such as lighting are applied together.

And the rotation is like the value in the box on the right.
In my case, I tend to choose the most similar option among the options set in the preview first, then adjust the X, Y, and Z axes little by little to create the desired angle shape.

And can you just copy and paste the dominoes as they are?
The length of the rectangle is similar to that of a bar graph, and I will express the data values ​​of the chart in my PowerPoint design, which I am making in that role.
In expressing the height, it is necessary to melt the design concept, and it is to express the difference in the height through the level where a piece of dominoes are laid down.
You can do Z rotation as shown on the right.

If you arrange the figures in a row like that, it becomes a domino.
I decided to use the icon that helped me get my thoughts out again for fun PowerPoint designs and points.
Just like the icon of the person pushing chess stops the dominoes from falling ^^

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